Katie's Story 
I remember as a child, my Dad telling me a story about Jesus and His disciples in a storm. In that story, the disciples all thought they were going to die; this was the worst storm they’d ever seen and they were seasoned fishermen. Jesus slept in the boat while the storm was raging and when the disciples woke Him up, He told the wind to stop and the waves to die down. They did! My Dad explained to me that if Jesus can do that; be in total control of the weather, then why do I need to worry as He was also in total control of my life. 
It was all about trust. Did I trust that the God who created the world could look after me? Did I trust that He was interested in me? I chose to trust Him then and I still trust Him now. 
There have been countless times in my life where I have had to trust God. I remember the time when my eldest child was a baby and we had very little money. On the Saturday I had sorted out all her clothes and she was desperate for socks and vests. I didn’t know where the money for this would come from, but went to church trusting that God was in 
total control. A lady came up to me at the end of the service with a large bag full of socks and vests, all the perfect size for my daughter. Some people may say this is just coincidence, but I say it is God’s amazing timing! 
When my youngest daughter was just a few months old, she had febrile convulsions. It was awful to see and, obviously, we took her straight to the hospital. I remember on the way, holding her and thanking God that He is in control. She was in hospital for 5 days and I remember afterwards, a friend asked how I managed to cope without breaking down. I told her that it was the fact that I know and have known for such a long time, that God is in total control of every situation. I know that does not mean bad things won’t happen; just that God will help me through whatever. 
I am so privileged to be in the place that I am; I have a gorgeous husband and three fun-loving kids. I work with vulnerable children and I am also the children’s pastor here at Riviera Life. I thank God every day for everything He is to me and hope that the children in my life will also have that total trust in Him. 
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